February 19, 2008

Update on what I’ve been doing..

Hello to all my myspace friends and family.. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been on the road and super busy for the past month... So please forgive me for not returning messages, comments, and not sending out all the birthday wishes..

It's pretty funny, earlier in the month on a Saturday, I had nothing planned to do for the next week or so, and I thought I'm gonna rest and relax.. Then on Sunday, I got a call to do a photo shoot on Monday for the April issue of J'Adore Magazine, which by the way I've been wanting to shoot for them.. Then I'm at my photo shoot that Monday and I get called to shoot Lil Wayne's new video in Vegas and it shot that Wednesday and Thursday, so off to Vegas I fly... Then on Friday, I'm going to the airport to fly back to LA and I'm asked to fly to Hawaii for Pro-Ball to host some party... So I fly back to LA to pack and go to Hawaii and I get there on Saturday.. I was actually excited because one of my goals this year was to go to Hawaii and now I did.. God is great! Hawaii was beautiful.. So I stay there until Monday, and now I have to fly directly to Vegas for the Magic Convention that starts on Tuesday.. I land in Vegas and go to my hotel and check my messages and one of my favorite directors (Gil Green) left me a message that I have to fly to LA in the morning to shoot a video for Colby O'Donis f Akon, grant you I'm suppose to be at the Magic Convention from Tuesday-Friday and then fly to Louisianna for All-Star.. So I go to the Magic Convention all day Tuesday and then take a night flight to LA, we shoot the video all day Wednesday and then I fly back to Vegas that night to go to the Magic Convention on Thursday.. By this time I'm so beat and happy at the same time for booking consistent work... Well Friday rolls around and I'm suppose to fly to Louisianna, but instead I decided to go home.. lol. I just couldn't do it, my body was gonna fall apart.. So I've been relaxing for the past 3 days and checking my myspace messages.. So now you know why I haven't gotten back to all my messages.. So please forgive me.. Now it's back to work for me... I'm in the process of getting ready to film a reality show which will kick off shooting in March.. I'll keep everyone updated about it...

Also, thank you to everyone that left me a Valentine message and comment! I got to read them over the past 2 days.. You guys know how to make a girl feel special, Thanks!

Make sure to check out my photo albums to see the pics from all the things that I've been doing..

Hugs & Kisses...

Shelly Rio