January 30, 2009

Dwight Freeney's Super Billiards Tournament & Party..

                                                         I had the pleasure of attending Dwight Freeney's Super Billiards Tournament & Party last night in Tampa, FL.. Alot of people were in the house including Dj Clue which was spinning on the 1's and 2's.. 

Also in the house was Michael Jordan, Andre Mike Berto, Melvin Fowler, Claudia Jordan, and of course myself (Shelly Rio), amongst many others.. Afterwards we all went and kicked it at Derrick Jeter's party..

January 29, 2009

Yes, Angelina Jolie wore her dress backwards...

Angelina Jolie wore her cornflower blue Max Azria gown backward at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

Her stylist Jen Rade tells usmagazine.com Jolie purposefully turned around the dress -- which was from Azria's spring 2009 collection -- to make it "more blouson." (The actress was also able to show off her tattoos more.)

January 27, 2009

Reali T.O. Show

DALLAS (AP)—Terrell Owens hopes to score with a new cable reality show.
The Dallas Cowboys’ controversial wide receiver will star in his own show on VH1 this summer, giving fans a look into his life off the field.
VH1 announced Monday that the series takes place in the offseason, and T.O.’s best friends and publicists—Monique Jackson and Kita Williams—will help him re-examine his personal life. The two will work as “matchmakers and therapists” for Owens.
Owens, who caught 69 passes for 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns this season, was prominently featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” that tracked the Cowboys in training camp last year.

January 25, 2009

Curry's Hard Lost

CHICAGO (AP)—A woman found shot to death in a Chicago apartment was a former girlfriend of New York Knicks player Eddy Curry and the mother of his 3-year-old son, Curry’s attorney said Sunday.
A relative found the bodies of Nova Henry, 24, and her 9-month-old daughter, Ava, in their apartment near the South Side on Saturday evening, Chicago police spokeswoman Monique Bond said. Both died from multiple gunshot wounds, the Cook County medical examiner’s office said Sunday.
Curry’s 3-year-old son was found unharmed at the scene.

Katie Stam is the new MISS AMERICA 2009...

Miss America 2009 Katie Stam (INDIANA) reacts as she takes the crown...


CNN asked and WILL.I.AM produced, here is the video he created about his experience at the inauguration of our 44th and FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, BARACK OBAMA...

January 22, 2009


13 nominations go to an unusual case...

THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON receives 13 Oscar nominations. This movie received some of the most nominations ever received for the Oscar, Slumdog Millionaire also received 10. The Curious case of Benjamin Button tells the tall tale of an infant who is born as an old man—tiny but suffering all the infirmities of an 80-year-old—who lives his life in reverse, becoming younger with each passing year until he achieves real infancy at the end of his life.

Obama re-takes Oath of Office...

Crackberry addiction wins...

So, President Barack Obama gets to keep his blackberry of course with many restrictions and security encyptions in place. He will have no GPS on his phone so he can not be located and his email will only be confined to some of his White House staff and close friends with very limited use. As an avid blackberry user, I am happy for our President because I can't live without mine...

“I worked for the Secret Service back in the 1980s, and we did not allow the protectees to wear pagers because the agents were afraid the pagers could act as location beacons,” said John Pescatore, an Internet security specialist for Gartner Research

January 21, 2009


Rihanna looking dashing in her yellow dress which she wore around D.C. last night to some of the festivities. Didn't see much of her on television circuits last night but there is no way you you could miss her...


Eva Mendes is voted MOST DESIRABLE ACTRESS 2009 according to askmen.com. I must admit I was drawn to her when she was in Training Day starring Denzel Washington but better known for her movie "HITCH" alongside Will Smith. Lately her sex appeal has only become more magnetic.



Barack Obama in his new office and already going to work for the American People.

Heading to 1600 AVE...

President Barack and Michelle Obama walk the streets yesterday heading to their new home at 1600 Avenue. They stepped out of the Presidential Limousine entitled "THE BEAST" to the Secret Service agents and waved at the onlookers. One of the most exciting days in AMERICAN history...

Futuristic NBA Jerseys For Allstar Game

The NBA will be unveiling a new style of Jersey at this years NBA Allstar game. Personally I do not see anything that makes it look futuristic. Unless it helps a player to run faster and jump higher, Im not impressed.

January 19, 2009

Circuit City no big DEAL!

While the lines were lengthy, real bargains were apparently in short supply. ZDNet reports that the most popular items—flat-panel TVs, gaming consoles, and iPods—were either just 10 percent off of had no discount at all, with furniture and cables (ho, hum) getting a 30-percent sticker-price shave. (And remember, liquidation items are often marked up before discounts are applied.)

January 18, 2009

What the CARDS?

Looks like the Arizona Cardinals have surprised everyone with a well deserved trip to Tampa, FL. They are on the brink of history. Kurt Warner just proved why he is a first ballot Hall of Famer. Congrats Cards and good luck!

Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt celebrates with Larry Fitzgerald (11) during the final seconds of the second half of the NFL NFC championship football game against Philadelphia Eagles Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009, in Glendale, Ariz. The Cardinals won 32-25.

Notorious movie..

I just got back home from watching the new movie Notorious... I loved it, although some of the people that were casted didn't look the part, lol.. I definatly learned something new about Lil Kim.. I always thought she was just a freaky girl, but it turns out Biggie made her that way, lol.. It did make me feel bad for her too.. I wish they would've showed Charlie Baltimore's character in the movie, but she didn't want her character in the movie.. The movie also made me like Diddy a little more.. He was definatly inspiring to me, being that I'm in the entertainment field.. If you haven't seen the movie yet, make sure you go out and support.. Watching the movie made me miss back east too..

January 15, 2009

Cowboys out of T.O.'s?

Going T.O.-less has become a topic of serious internal debate at Valley Ranch. And an awful lot of Cowboys front-office types have decided parting ways with him is not only a good idea, but also necessary to fixing what is obviously wrong with this team.
In fairness, none of them are named Owner Jones. Not yet at least.
But word is people very close to him, including a certain son, have been in his ear.
The question, as it always is with Jerry, remains: Will he listen?

Lebron James on the February cover of GQ Magazine..

“It’s great,” he said of his GQ cover. “It shows that I’m fashionable. I never thought I would be on the cover of GQ. But I’ve done some things I never thought I would do.”

Giorgio Armani Lingerie Spring 09' Campaign..

Giorgio Armani's new Lingerie Spring 09' Campaign model is Victoria Beckham.. For those of you that don't know who she is, she's David Beckham's wife.. Yes the soccer player.. Check out the pictures from her ad..

January 14, 2009

World Tour a Billi a Billi a Billion

At the recent CES convention, Activision announced that sales of Guitar Hero III have surpassed $1 billion, making it the first video game to ever reach the stunning ten-figure mark.

January 13, 2009

Howie Mandel hospitalized with irregular heartbeat

Howie Mandel was in Toronto taping his new show "Howie Do It!" Monday when he was taken to the hospital, said Lewis Kay, publicist for the 53-year-old comedian and game show host.

"Howie is in the hospital being monitored for an irregular heartbeat but doctors expect him to be released and back to work tomorrow," Kay said in a statement. "He did not have a heart attack."

Christina Milian new music video: US AGAINST THE WORLD

Sexual Harrassment case against Ed Curry: TYPICAL? DONT THINK SO

Knicks center Eddy Curry was slapped with a shocking sex-harassment suit Monday by his former driver, who claims the 6-foot-11 hoopster tried to solicit sex from him.
The stunning court papers claim Curry, a married father of three, repeatedly approached chauffeur David Kuchinsky "in the nude," allegedly telling him, "Look at me, Dave, look" and "Come and touch it, Dave."
Curry denied the allegations.

"I'm shocked, really," said Curry, who missed the Knicks' 101-95 victory at New Orleans on Monday night with right knee soreness. "He approached my friends a while back, trying to get money. I just never, ever thought it would go past what it did, which was just idle threats, money-or-else kind of stuff."

January 12, 2009

Long Island doctor Richard Batista to estranged wife: Give me my kidney back or $1.5M!

Article from NY Daily News

Richard Batista can live with his broken heart. He just can't bear his cheating wife living with his healthy kidney.

The Long Island doctor wants the one-time love of his life to pay $1.5 million for the organ he bestowed on her eight years ago in a gift meant to save her life and their foundering marriage.

"There's no deeper pain you can ever express than to be betrayed by the person you devoted your life to," Batista told reporters in Garden CityWednesday.

"I saved her life. But the pain is unbearable."

Batista charged his wife, Dawnell, repaid his gesture by first sleeping with her physical therapist - and then denying him access to their three kids in an increasingly bitter divorce.

Adding to his anguish, Batista insists his decision to donate his kidney in 2001 was in part a failed effort to rescue their troubled relationship.

"My first priority was to save her life," the 49-year-old doctor said. "The second bonus was to turn our marriage around."

Dawnell Batista survived. Their marriage lasted just another four years, with the wife filing for divorce in July 2005.

The once-happy pair met two decades ago when he was a resident and she a training nurse at North Shore Hospital.

They were married in August 1990, celebrating with a lavish Long Island reception, and were soon living in a $1 million Massapequa home.

The couple shared the joy of three daughters, but Dawnell was battling kidney failure and the couple's relationship turned shaky.

Her husband - a surgeon at Nassau University Medical Center - injected her three times a week with medication as part of her health care regime.

Dawnell's health continued to deteriorate. After two transplants failed, her husband volunteered to donate one of his kidneys - and discovered he was a match, a 1-in-700,000 shot.

"I was the first and only one to step to the plate," the doctor recalled. Without his donation, Dawnell faced a long wait: There are 6,748 people awaiting kidneys inNew York State, the New York Organ Donor Network says.

Successful surgery followed at a Minnesota hospital on June 28, 2001. Batista said he was looking forward to happier times with his now-healthy bride - but his hopes proved futile.

"Nothing changed," he said.

Dawnell Batista viewed the kidney as a new lease on life, too. She returned to school to earn a master's degree in nursing, and took up karate, her husband said.

After an injury suffered while trying to earn her black belt, she began physical therapy - which evolved into an affair with her therapist, Batista said.

"It put a hole in my heart that still exists," Batista said of his wife's disloyalty. "To this day, I'm a man of pride. To be betrayed that way, humiliated - I can't even began to say."

Dawnell Batista was not at her home Wednesday. Her lawyer did not return a call for comment.

Batista said the ongoing ugliness began on day one of their divorce.

"She slapped me with divorce papers when I was in surgery trying to save another person's life," he fumed.

The case was apparently the first of its kind in New York State. Julia Rivera of the New York Organ Donor Network said she never heard of anything similar.

"This is extraordinary," the spokeswoman said.

Batista insisted his cash-for-kidney claim was a direct result of his wife's behavior. He said he hasn't seen his three daughters - ages 14, 11 and 8 - in months.

"This is my last resort," Batista said. "I didn't want to be in the public eye."

Despite the animosity, Batista insisted he would donate the kidney all over again to his hopefully soon-to-be-ex. He fondly recalls a visit to her room on the day after surgery.

"There was no greater feeling on this planet," he said. "As God is my witness, I felt as if I could put my arm around Jesus Christ. I was walking on a cloud."


Obama dines @ Ben's Chili Bowl

January 10, 2009

Officially divorced...

R. Kelly

R. Kelly can officially bump and grind with whomever he chooses, not like he hasn't already been doing so: He has finalized his divorce from his wife.
Kelly and his former wife, Andrea, confirmed they were officially divorced after 11 years of marriage.
A joint statement on Thursday said they had reached an amicable resolution concerning all issues related to their marriage and will share joint custody of their three children.

January 8, 2009

T.I faces child support charges in court...

Celebrity Apprentice with Claudia Jordan

The Celebrity Apprentice 2 airs March 1, 2009 on NBC. Shelly Rio's Blogspot friend Deal or No Deal Model Claudia Jordan will be apart of this years cast along with the likes of Brian Mcknight, Dennis Rodman, Khloe Kardashian, Joan and Melissa Rivers and more of an exciting cast...Please support Model/Actress/Host Claudia Jordan, we are all cheering for her...

Show Co-Exec Producer Mark Burnett:
“Donald has always felt the boardrooms were too short, and I think he’s right. Right now, there's really only about nine minutes of footage that we use and the boardroom (scenes) go on for hours sometimes. The problem has been trying to squeeze it all in. Every season we go through the struggle of cutting the show down,”

Donda West surgeon JAILED

The plastic surgeon who operated on Kanye West's mother before she died has been sentenced to a year in jail for drunken driving. Dr. Jan Adams pleaded no contest to misdemeanor drunken driving last year.
Authorities say his Jaguar was spotted early June 26 traveling the wrong way on Interstate 680 near Cordelia. Adams' blood alcohol level was .20 percent. Solano County Court Commissioner Ray Wieser sentenced the 54-year-old surgeon, author and TV personality Monday. He'll get credit for eight days he previously was jailed.
Adams performed breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction on Donda West a day before she died in 2007. An autopsy blamed heart disease coupled with complications from the surgery.

January 7, 2009

D Wade sex ad in China?

Over this past summer D-Wade was in Asian sex ads. When asked if he seen them he responded "Yes, of course I did."
A reporter asked,
"Why didn't they just use Yao?" and D-Wade responded laughing, "I wish they would have, somebody just wanted to mess with me, so they did."
Thats an interesting way to mess with someone. Don't you think?

Bailout for Porn Industry Next?

TMZ is reporting that Hustler's Larry Flynt and "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis are asking for a $5 billion federal bailout of adult entertainment because "the economy has made America's appetite for sex go limp."

Joe Francis was quoted as saying:

"Congress seems willing to help shore up our nation's most important businesses; we feel we deserve the same consideration."
The Web site claims adult DVD sales are down 22 percent in a year, numbers which are sure to deflate expectations at this weekend's AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

Rare site to see...

In an extremely rare gathering, all of the nation's living former presidents joined the current and future presidents at the White House on Wednesday. Obama thanked our current President George W. Bush for allowing everyone to come together and said he was grateful for the opportunity to get "advice, good counsel and fellowship" from the group.

From left to right: George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama, President George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Voletta Wallace would like to speak to Lil Kim

Biggies mom, Voletta Wallace, was asked if there was anything she learned about her son while watching the new "Notorious" film slated to be released on January 16 and she responded by saying on essence.com:

I gained strength from it. There were things about him that I never knew that I wanted to see for myself on film. I saw a side of my son that I heard of but I haven’t accepted. I’m angered by certain things, disappointed and shocked. So this film taught me tolerance and to be less critical. I would love to speak to Lil’ Kim, because I need to ask more about this love relationship because I really didn’t like the way he treated her and I’m praying that that’s not it. Only she can answer those questions. She’s a sweet girl and I didn’t think she deserved to be treated the way he treated her, if that’s the case.

Lil Wayne debates on ESPN

Lil Wayne debates ESPN's SKIP BAYLESS on "1st and 10"...

Bart Cops caught on tape for Oscar Grant's shooting..

This is really disturbing that a cop would shoot someone that is laying on the ground face down for absolutely no reason.. Stuff like this is what makes me scared of cops and their suppose to be our friends.. If you haven't heard, this 22yr old man named Oscar Grant whom is African American and a father was shot on New Year's morning for no reason.. He was shot at the Fruitvale BART Station in Oakland , Ca.. Apparently all the cameras were down at the station when this went down, but thank God for cellphones with video cameras..

January 6, 2009

New season of Nip Tuck..

Omg! The 1st five minutes of the new season had me crying and screaming at my tv.. If Sean died I was about to write the show, lol.. The seasons keep getting better and better.. The trailer for the new season looks like it will have us biting our nails.. 

Brad Pitt on the cover of W Magazine..


Brad Pitt is on the cover of this months W Magazine.. It's a good way for him to start the New Year off, but these pictures don't do him any justice.. He looks like he aged 10 years overnight.. What happened to airbrushing? Its every model/actors best friend..

Shelly Rio Poster Calendars and Magnets..

Come check out www.shellyrio.com/shop and order your 09' Poster Calendar and magnets.. For a limited time for every calendar you purchase you will receive an autographed poster... Photobucket  

Shelly Rio

Beyonce's new Loreal Ad

Beyonce's new Loreal Ad wasn't "colored down" this time... apparently Loreal learned the lesson from last time...