June 24, 2009

Claudia Jordan & Friends Live Stream from Monday night 6/22/09

Check out The Claudia Jordan & Friends 1st live stream we did on Monday night.. It was pretty interesting and confusingg, but fun.. Although we did have 1 to many perverts and 1 to many haters, but our fans made up for that.. Make sure to check us out next Monday night at 8:45pm to see us live..

June 10, 2009

Check out my feature on Amaya Lifestyle.com

Check me out on Amaya Lifestyle's website.. They made me The Spotlight Model this week... You can check it out at:

Shelly Rio

June 9, 2009

DatzHott Exclusive Interview with Shelly Rio..

Check out the interview I did for DatzHott.com and leave a comment.. You can check it out at:


Shelly Rio

June 1, 2009

Does Having Sex To Soon Doom The Relationship?

Check out tonight's show.. Our topic was Does Having Sex To Soon Doom The Relationship?

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