November 29, 2008

Interesting video shoot..

So I know I haven't blogged since March, lol.. Please forgive me.. I have been busy and I finally did get a laptop, so now no more excuses.. Where to start, hmm.. Well, I recently did a music video out of town, which turned out to be a disaster, lol. I'm not going to mention any names since that's not my style.. But it was by a director that had no idea what he was doing, and I mean no idea.. First we do a club scene in the VIP and there's nothing at our table, not a bottle or a cup.. I'm like ok, this is interesting.. Then they have these extras dropping it like's it hot and it's not even that kind of song.. By noon time, everyone is drunk except for me and the other lead girl.. We both were like, what are we doing here, lol.. Then later we do my next scene which is in the bedroom and my manager made it clear before I left that I wasn't going to wear any thing skanky or do anything skanky.. Well the director tells me that I can be all covered up and look classy, but he wants the artist to fling a thong at me.. Umm, I don't think so.. Clearly he researched me and saw all the video's I've been in, so he knew that I don't get down like that.. So long story short, I didn't do it of course and I think he was mad at me. I was soo happy when we wrapped, and I highly doubt that video will ever come out, lol.. That's how bad it was..

So now the other girl and I are flying back to LA the next morning and our car service is 30 minutes late, so were both freaking out because there's no other flights for the rest of that day.. Finally he comes and we get in the car and he's driving in circles in the parking lot for a good 15 minutes. So were like do you know where your going and he's like yeah I just have to figure out how to get out of this lot, which is when we smelt liquor off his breath so I'm like are you drunk? So of course he says no and clearly he is.. Now its 4am in the morning and we have no clue where we are and we don't no anyone there so where stuck with this driver.. He was about to drive on the curb until we both yelled to move the car out of the way and he did.. Umm, from there we started praying like crazy to God to get us to the airport safe.. I'm like I have 2 kids and a hubby to come home to,, Thankfully we finally made it, and then the driver had the nerve to say we owed him $20 when the label already paid for everything, and he was late, and he was drunk and almost killed us and we tipped him,, He was a wack job.. Yeah so that's what I had to deal with last weekend..

Oh, and then when I got home and spoke to my manager, she was like you should blog about it and I'm like you no what your right.. So I go to get online and realize I left my internet connector for my laptop at my hotel.. So that's why this blog is written a week later after the fact, lol.. Welcome to my world!

Shelly Rio