August 15, 2009

Chris Brown kicking it at Skateland...

Just wanted to set some rumors straight.. I forgot I had my own blogsite for a second, lol.. First off, Chris Brown had a skate party this past Thursday night at Skateland.. Many guests were in the building including Omarion, Nelly, Melanie Thornton, Brandy, Suelyn Medeiros, Chanta Patton, Brittany Dailey, myself (Shelly Rio) and many more.. decided to post up a picture that we took on twitter and said that video girls were on a date with Chris Brown and that we're groupies and so forth.. And then said that half of us were on a date with Chris and the other half came to the party with Omarion.. I had to laugh when I read this because for a gossip site to feel the need to find a twitpic and make up a story about it is pretty desperate.. The funny thing is all the girls came together on a party bus and Chris & Omarion were already there, lol.
The fact of the matter is, we're all friends as was everyone else at the party.. Everyone took pictures and none of us are dating Chris.. I'm happily married, and the girls have no interest in Chris or Omarion.. We all went out to have fun and skate and hang with our friends.. So always remember, Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see..
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